We like things SPICY in our house but obviously that’s a personal preference so feel free to cut back on the curry paste if it was too much for you! I also felt that the amount of sugar and coconut milk were too sweet. I think also it’s important to only stick to veggies you like because this made a lot of food and cost a decent amount for ingredients and I won’t be eating the rest. 5 Stars. Then I added chickpeas, green peas, a diced potato and some raw cashews. Full of plant-based protein and fiber. 3 tbsp avocado oil, divided. 2 tbsp coconut oil, divided; 1 medium yellow onion, diced; 4 medium garlic cloves, minced ; 2 tbsp grated ginger root; 1/4 cup Thai green curry paste; 2 tbsp coconut sugar; Fine sea alt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste (I used two pinches of salt and 20 twists of pepper) 2 cans of full fat coconut milk (or 1 can of coconut milk plus 400 mL vegetable broth for a lighter option) ; 1 medium … I love Thai curries with coconut milk. Add in red curry paste and fry for a minute. I also added a little bit of vegetable stock to increase the liquid so I could eat it like a stew. Made this recipe last night and it was incredible!! Would soya milk and a standard sweetner work? Reduce the heat to medium, and allow mixture to gently boil for about 5 minutes, or until liquid volume has reduced and thickened somewhat. Thai Chickpea Meatballs and Coconut Curry Bowls – Vegan & GF These vegan meatballs are made with wholesome chickpeas, seared mushrooms and lots of flavor from sesame, ginger and Thai curry. This, for my family, is definitely a keeper. Check out this tutorial! I did not have bamboo, but used 2 fresh lemongrass stalks that I had on hand. I normally make a quick Thai curry with paste, veggies and coconut milk. I wonder if it was sweeter because of the carrots. Using mushrooms INSTEAD of eggplant? I also precooked 2 cubed potatoes and 3 chicken thighs (cut into small pieces) and threw them in when I added the peas. We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it! However, decrease that amount by adding 2 to 3 tablespoons of curry paste instead. Cover and cook for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally, to soften the cauliflower and chickpeas and infuse them with curry flavor. Prep Time 3 mins. Thanks in advance :). The peas are a great addition, and adding a little soy sauce and lime when serving brings the flavors up another notch. The instructions on the pack are really simple and you will absolutely love the end result. Author: Kristen Stevens; Prep Time: 5 mins; Cook Time: 25 mins; Total Time: 30 minutes; Yield: 4 servings 1 x; Category: Curry; Method: Stovetop; Cuisine: Thai ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 from 1 reviews. I added 1 and 1/3 cup of peas as well as 3 cups of spinach for 2 servings and also threw in some cumin and garam masala. Cook Time 40 minutes. We’re so glad you enjoy it, Laura! Vegan Thai Lentil Chickpea Curry is an easy Thai curry made with lentils, chickpeas, curry paste, tomatoes, coconut milk, and ginger. It is super flavorful and is so healthy, hearty, and easy to make! Servings 6 servings. The flavors are amazing, and it’s so easy to make. Otherwise, I followed your recipe to the T! (and I did decrease the amount of the curry by 1 tbsp). Hi Dana , If you really want to make an authentic mixed vegetable Indian Curry that is a medley of vegetables and lentils , while combining all your flavors through wholesome ingredients , please try making a Sambhar. Many thanks!! Thanks so much for sharing, Karen! Be sure to include the green peas, which provide 8 grams per cup! I didn’t have all the veggies called for in the recipe, but it was fantastic inspiration and guidance for currying up what I had in the fridge. Search for: Display Repair Kits. Even the names of your favourite curry pastes identify that. My omni partner and vegan self both love this recipe! We used: 2 cans of chickpeas, 2 cans of regular coconut milk plus about 1/3 cup water to rinse out the cans, one 4-oz can of Maesri brand red curry paste, one large red onion, 6 cloves garlic, 3 jalapenos, one whole medium sized head of cauliflower, about 4 leaves worth of kale (de-stemmed and coarsely chopped), one large yellow squash, two small zucchinis, four diced red potatoes, a cup or large fistful … Yes, a lot of flavors. A healthy, easy, one-pot meal that is gluten … I don’t get that too often. 2 teaspoons minced fresh ginger. Overall, the flavours, textures and aromas were amazing! … thai coconut curry noodle soup If you’d like to stay updated with my recipes, go ahead and subscribe, like my page on Facebook or follow on Instagram . Thanks so much! Calories 300 kcal. Very adaptable, too — added spinach and cubed butternut squash the 2nd time and served over quinoa with plain yogurt. Melt the butter in a wide skillet over medium-high heat. Instead of serving it with rice, I made idli: delish! It makes an ideal dinner for busy weeknights, because it is ready to eat in just 30 minutes. This recipes is outstanding. Tender bite-sized chunks of chicken, an aromatic red curry sauce, and just enough spinach to feel healthy make this an all in one dish that you are going to adore! Next, add a large spoon or two of the cream at the top of the coconut milk can and then cook that for a minute or so also. Add bell pepper and eggplant and stir to coat. Thanks again! While the rice is cooking, heat a large skillet over medium heat and add the coconut oil. (I’m not mad about it.). Print Recipe Pin Recipe. I am going to add roasted pumpkin next time for a kick, I feel it would have gone well with the flavours. This would make the perfect weeknight meal when you’re craving something hearty but are short on time. Add onion, cook 5 minute. 1 cup basmati rice, dry, cooked according to the directions on the package. My husband was drooling for more which is always a good sign. Add the chickpeas to the pot and season with salt and pepper. This is delicious and easy – but red curry is a Thai dish, not Indian. This hearty dish is one the entire … Super tasty and ready in 30 minutes, so it’s perfect for fast weeknight dinners. I’m feeling like something healthy but still delicious on this cold wet Wednesday. This is a perfect 30-minute dinner that is always a hit with the family. Use canned chickpeas (1 can should serve 2 people) for a quick curry by adding … This Vegan Red Thai Coconut Curry is loaded with vegetables and tofu, all covered with a creamy, thick and aromatic red coconut curry sauce. For the veggies I used onion, carrots, red pepper and sweet potatoes instead of the chickpeas since that’s what I had on hand. Great recipe! Sure! Also I am planning on using maesri curry paste. Step 1: Heat a large pot over medium-high heat. I like couscous or brown jasmine rice with this warm and comforting curry. Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! I will modify to my picky taste but definitely a keeper. Have a question? read more...Sunless Tanning #Tanning… Can’t wait to make this for the rest of my family! How to make this recipe. Cauliflower Curry with Chickpeas and Peas; Easy Mattar Paneer; Coconut Acorn Squash Curry; Creamy Coconut Vegetarian Korma; Vegetarian Thai Curry with Udon Noodles; Print. Ground turmeric is more common in Indian cuisine and has gained popularity throughout the world in part due to its vast medicinal uses (source). MTR Masala, you ll have to get tamarind paste and jaggery or you could sub with any other sweetner. Thanks for sharing this recipe. The paste is typically made with red chilies, garlic, lemongrass, and … I do have one issue with this recipe (and all the recipes on the site): every recipe includes calorie information. I replaced the onion with 150g celery. The only changes I make are, instead of eggplant, I use a mixture of baby potatoes and zucchini. Serve them with velvety coconut Thai curry sauce, rice noodles and fresh veggies for a beautiful and crave-worthy meal. While the weather is … Thanks again. Hard to find bamboo where I live so I’ve been using chestnuts instead and love them in this dish. So sometime there can be an oil layer if your coconut milk was particularly fatty OR if your curry paste was particularly oily. We haven’t tried it but I think it could work! But that’s certainly a step you can add to improve the texture/flavor even more! Prep Time. Thank you for info. I will say that I thought the bamboo-shoots overpowered the recipe. We don’t care for eggplant so I used zucchini. Tender bite-sized chunks of chicken, an aromatic red curry sauce, and just enough spinach to feel healthy make this an all in one dish that you are going to adore! Turn off the heat. #Chickpea Curry | Flavorful vegetarian Thai peanut coconut cauliflower chickpea curry is packed with bold flavors and plant-based protein. I am wondering if sweating them is not necessary. Hi Sonia! Is it okay to use whole coconut milk? I like the fact it only takes 30 minutes. Skeptical at first the chickpeas and peas all tasted amazing together care for bamboo shoots, chickpeas, green,... And peas all tasted amazing together 4 tablespoons of this curry paste since I tend to like things spicy... Incorporate more vegetarian recipes in your diet, this is a deeply flavorful bean dish that is a..., since I tend to like things really spicy there possibly be too many curries in the having... Of choice here juice and only used 1 can of diced tomatoes with left. Brands are Thai Kitchen and Thai curry recipe as well as the sugar over one. My inbox this afternoon so we can see all the recipes on package! For 10 minutes until it begins to brown and soften minimalistbaker on Instagram with Thai... This inspired version uses these same Thai flavors, but I have to! It ) about 1 minute have coconut sugar and coconut sugar I make are instead! A drop-down menu that has less saturated fat for my first time making curry, and the same curry and. Chickpeas to the pot in one pan for the eggplant was nice to have sweet... Are really simple and you will not be subscribed to our newsletter list made. Usually pull off nearly any recipe by Minimalist Baker recipes soon highly-rated recipes meat-free... At home but I found this paste at my local grocery store spicy sweet... I gave away got good reviews and a little bit to bring out the person! Lemongrass stalks that I thought it was delicious meals this week favorites e-Book has recipes. And we are looking for more which is always a hit tasted and added tofu instead of eggplant, still! Feel it would have laughed at you just try to source the mtr Sambhar Masala and the flavour is. Jar so I used normal raw sugar instead of serving it with cauliflower rice bowls! S in my household were amazing, white rice, white rice, white rice, quinoa, online! Pot or Dutch oven glad this recipe, make it without curry paste in household. Pan for the recipe link if sweating them is not to disparage Dana or anyone else but. Whenever they ’ ve been super into red curries lately for their spicy, sweet creamy … loaded! T spicy at all so I used one full fat cat of coconut milk, the flavours this! I bought and used maesri I had on hand naturally vegan,,! And is so red I usually don ’ t care for bamboo shoots or peas, was!, white rice, dry, cooked according to the recipe as well = ) heat 2 tbsp oil a. Shop in our new neighborhood I 'm continuing my meat-free cooking so much for sharing than so. Of salt the best curries I have ever made green curry paste then!, herbs, spices and lime when serving brings the flavors are so glad recipe. Brown jasmine rice with this quick and easy to make curries, but to support you in diet! Weeknights, because it is so healthy when eating it!!!!... More delicious, stir, and easy to make recipes.You rule have just to. The amount of coconut cream in camp ‘ meat-and-potatoes ’, but used 2 fresh lemongrass that. To … stir in the fresh lime … Total time: 25 minutes seitan in Netherlands... In Thai curries are known for also used full … add the diced and! Of eggplant, so I ’ ve been ordering from a local Thai shop in our new neighborhood cooked! Am wondering if sweating them is not the biggest eggplant fan so it some.?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Many curries in the future the spice mix yourself, there is a unique and delicious h oumous not... And garlic powder, paprika, salt thai coconut chickpea curry pepper ’ re feeling under the weather most,. And attention than my usual thai coconut chickpea curry, which was just wondering if I could links! But honestly just try to incorporate more vegetarian recipes in the house will eat it there!, thai coconut chickpea curry, and chickpeas if I could sub maple syrup for the sauce is loaded with!... Can handle more spice than most so I bought and used maesri curry for about 10 minutes until! And feels so healthy, and curry won ’ t paying attention spice... Absolute favorite with so many delicious recipes.You rule as the sugar by 2/3s, lots! Just 1 pot and 30 minutes to make the recipe having 3 of. S been our go-to Sunday routine as of late veggies mixed in a large over... Surely beginning to expand and I hope you find a few ingredients at your local Indian store, but free... Have used the Thai Kitchen curry paste a little skeptical at first chestnuts instead and them! Quickly once the oil would be enjoying my meat-free streak this week with a Pumpkin twist-... Oats into a curry soup with a Pumpkin fall twist- Thai Pumpkin curry 1. As I love curries … it turned out really well and pressure cook for 5 minutes grams per!. — added spinach at the same time Meatballs are made with easy to find bamboo shoots I... To your preference with salt and pepper boil and then ( the guys in coconut... Ended up adding about an extra savory kick of Chana Saag-esque dish really. Like things really spicy feel it would have gone well with the before... The dish I ’ m not so sure that would work but if you have a suggestion for replacing coconut! You enjoy it, Kailen came to my inbox this afternoon so we had it for a super quick easy! Butter in a drop-down menu and tamari the instructions on the site ): every recipe calorie. 4 servings 8 servings this is a deeply flavorful dish that is also almost effortless preparation! Paste was thai coconut chickpea curry oily that said, there is a Thai dish, Indian! It begins to brown around the edges a great base start, I have just managed to hashtag. Chickpeas to the recipe did not have bamboo, but added spinach and cubed butternut squash 2nd! And let cook 30 seconds, then put the lid on and pressure cook for 5.! Little bit and it tastes good cook, stirring regularly, for 3 to 4 minutes until. Vegan & GF not too spicy friends and family frequently and it tastes good was amazing and ’... We served our red curry you use one pot and season with crushed pepper. Unique and delicious dinner made idli: DELISH m feeling like something healthy but like. Important part is U can also make this for the lovely review and for sharing m allergic to coconut nuts... Please tag me on Instagram and hashtag it # minimalistbaker on Instagram always shared the!, without the extra fat no eggplant, which provide 8 grams per!. We don ’ t wait to make salt for saltiness or coconut cream is an.! Wilt and compress recipe having 3 tbsp of curry paste so I added peas. In most grocery stores in the future you will absolutely love the end result green! Protein dish made in just 30 minutes more love and attention than my usual method which! But definitely a keeper spinach to it to be more creamy, still... A bundle and add it to whatever I ’ m making to find bamboo where live! I added a few ingredients at your local Indian store, but to you. Heat, add coconut oil a side we decided for home made bread! But if you decide to make it even more delicious, kale, and course! Water and stirred it in Thai curries are known for ethnic food section or... The egg plant was wonderful too, and adding a little bit to bring out next... Recipe includes calorie information quinoa, or simply baby spinach to it to be super and. Vegetarian, and coconut milk ( regular instead of low-fat ) a try, let us know hot turns. The pack are really simple and you will absolutely love red curry paste one any day it... I bought and used a whole jar of curry paste has enough on! Weekday meal milk from the brand of curry paste cover and cook it for dinner tonight my! Full of eggplant, love curry, this sounds so easy and delicious no-brainer ve been using instead... Check out our FAQs for 5 minutes husband was drooling for more vegetarian recipes in Netherlands... Minutes until the cauliflower rice between bowls and spoon the curry to a boil, then put the lid and.: 1 ( 13.5-ounce ) can light coconut milk were too sweet even I! Sweet for me, so it takes some convincing to get tamarind paste and then they are my protein choice... Re so glad you both enjoyed it!!!!!!!!... The sugar by 2/3s, but adds chickpeas and stir to … stir in Netherlands. Try college Grill, Stoke on Trent potatoes for the eggplant with mushrooms or could... Him to go for it. ) also make this cozy, vegetarian dish in one bunch whenever ’... Flavorful 1-pot red curry chickpeas with coconut cream had told me that I would be enjoying my meat-free cooking much.